Avoid A Bad Do-It-Yourself Move

Mafia Movers understands how tough a Do-It-Yourself Move can be without proper knowledge, equipment, and man power. You may think that doing it yourself will save more money, but there are somethings to know and consider.

Are you a busy person? Do the math, you might consider how much your time is worth and to compare that to how much money you’d save doing it yourself versus how much time is saved hiring a mover.

Do you have the right equipment, skill, and man-power to move all your stuff? If you’ve got family or friends helping you out, are you covered if they get hurt? If something gets broken, if your items insured? Understanding your limitations and liabilities is important.

Unless you move often or do this for a living, you may hurt yourself if you don’t use the correct techniques. Learn proper lifting techniques before trying to move heavy items. This will save you possible back pain or damage.

At this point, do-it-yourself moves need a way to move all the stuff, is back and forth trips in your (or family / friend) truck saving you money with all the gas being used? If you rent a truck, pay attention to the OVERALL cost, versus the by-day cost. Be aware of rental fees and costs of mileage to your new home.

Consider a buffer in calculating mileage, you may end up forgetting something at the old house and have to return to it.

Over estimate what size truck you’ll need, commonly, people underestimate what size truck they’ll need. You may save money just to get that larger size than to make two trips or check out two trucks.

We hope that this information has been helpful.

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10 Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring A Mover
Posted on Sep 25, 2013 12:23am MDT
Moving can either be very easy, or a complete headache. Avoiding the common mistakes outlined below can save you a ton of hassle, reduce expenditures, and simplify and otherwise difficult endeavor.

Mistake #1: Picking the moving company that offers the lowest price. Many of these companies are offering sub par services at a reduced rate. Avoid having to replace broken possessions by hiring a moving company that will care for your valuables and get the job done right.

Mistake #2: Getting moving quotes over the phone: A moving company cannot give you an accurate estimate over the phone. Have them take the time to come out to your house and go over your inventory with you.

Mistake #3: Not seeking estimates from multiple moving companies. Shop around a bit – it could save you a ton of money! Seek out estimates from at least three moving companies.

Mistake #4: Not researching the moving company. If they are a quality company, their online reviews will reflect that.

Mistake #5: Not planning ahead. Choose a time of year that makes sense for your moving needs. For example, moving across the state of Nevada in the heat of the summer would be much more difficult than moving in the spring or fall.

Mistake #6: Not asking about extra fees that you may be charged.

Mistake #7: Not asking the right questions.

Mistake #8: Not checking with the Better Business Bureau on the mover’s complaint record

Mistake #9: Not informing the mover of any unusual situations that they may run into before the move.

Mistake #10: Forgetting to keep track of the different moving estimates your receive.